So-Cal Teardrops
  Latest News:
As we come to the end of the wildflowers blooming and temps starting to increase in the local deserts, we are planning trips to higher elevations.  With all the snow pack this year the first few trips might be a little chilly.  Happy to be high, dry and warm in our So-Cal Teardrop.
Regional Manufacturing

So-Cal Teardrops is looking for a select number of talented and ambitious individuals to join our family and setup a nationwide network of "Regional Manufacturing Facilities". The concept is simple, rather than ship trailers all across the country, we will build them closer to where the customers are. Each facility will be individually owned and operated, working under license of So-Cal Teardrops, and will undergo an intensive training process to ensure that every trailer built meets our rigorous standards. So-Cal Teardrops can provide all the parts, materials and fixtures to produce the product in the exact same manner as we do here in our Southern California facility. Each facility will enjoy the support and advertising of the nationwide network.

This is a groundbreaking opportunity for those who have dabbled in teardrop building and have though about taking it to the next level or current manufacturers looking to add a new line to your current offering.

Please call us at (909) 982-1199 for more info.